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About Us

More than 60 years ago, our firm began with a focus on helping insurance companies. Over the years, the depth and breadth of that experience – working alongside businesses and individuals across various industries – has allowed us not only to provide exceptional legal services to the insurance industry, but also to expand our expertise to include businesses, governmental entities, school districts, and individuals facing legal challenges.

However, experience means very little unless it is rooted in professional and personal ethics. Requiring the highest standards of ourselves ensures our clients will receive aggressive, effective representation delivered with the highest levels of personal and professional integrity.

Over these six decades, we have built strong relationships with clients based on our ability to understand and solve their problems quickly and efficiently. We work side-by-side with our clients and believe in absolute availability and responsiveness.

A successful law firm can be measured by these three factors: experience, integrity, and relationships. When you combine all three, an exceptional law firm emerges.